CCU 522384.14 – 4R/5R PTO Inhibited

CCU 522384.14 (CCU )

Code: 522384.14



This fault code is triggered when the Chassis Control Unit (CCU) detects that the vehicle is engaged in a high-speed reverse gear (4R or 5R) while the rear Power Take-Off (PTO) is activated. This situation is typically prohibited to prevent mechanical stress and potential damage to the PTO system or to ensure operator safety by avoiding hazardous situations while operating in reverse at high speeds.


The functionality of the rear PTO is inhibited or degraded to prevent operation under potentially unsafe or damaging conditions.


  • Review Vehicle and PTO Operational Guidelines: Ensure that operating procedures forbid the engagement of the rear PTO in high-speed reverse gears.
  • Check PTO and Gear Selection Controls: Inspect the control systems for the PTO and transmission to ensure they are functioning correctly and interlocks are in place to prevent simultaneous operation.
  • Adjust Control Unit Settings: Modify CCU settings to enhance safety measures, ensuring automatic disengagement or inhibition of the PTO when high-speed reverse gears are selected.
  • Educate Operators: Provide training for operators on the importance of these restrictions and how to safely operate the vehicle’s PTO and transmission systems.
  • System Testing: After any adjustments, perform comprehensive testing to ensure the system properly inhibits PTO operation in specified conditions.


Preventing the operation of the PTO in certain gears is critical for maintaining the longevity of the machinery and ensuring operator safety. Adherence to operational guidelines and regular checks of system interlocks are crucial.

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