CCU 524224.02 – PTO Switch Voltage Mismatch

CCU 524224.02 (CCU )

Code: 524224.02



This fault code indicates a voltage mismatch between the direct input signal for the rear PTO ON switch and the CAN message from the Armrest Control Unit (ACU). This discrepancy suggests a communication error or fault within the PTO switch or ACU.


The functionality of the rear PTO is degraded to prevent unsafe or erroneous operation due to the voltage mismatch.


  • Diagnose ACU Codes: Investigate and resolve any associated Armrest Control Unit (ACU) codes that might be causing this voltage mismatch. Ensure all ACU codes are cleared before addressing the CCU 524224.02 code.
  • Inspect PTO Switch and Wiring: Check the rear PTO ON switch and its wiring for any signs of damage, wear, or faults. Repair or replace as necessary.
  • Verify CAN Communication: Ensure that the CAN bus communication between the ACU and CCU is functioning correctly without interruptions or errors.
  • Test Voltage Signals: Use diagnostic tools to compare the direct input signal voltage and the CAN message voltage for the rear PTO ON switch. Correct any discrepancies found.
  • System Reset and Verification: After resolving the issue, reset the CCU and test the rear PTO system to ensure it operates correctly without triggering the fault code.


Ensuring accurate and reliable communication between the ACU and CCU is crucial for the proper operation of the rear PTO. Regular checks and maintenance of the electrical system and switches can help prevent such issues and ensure consistent performance.

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