CCU 524224.14 – Rear PTO Disabled

CCU 524224.14 (CCU )

Code: 524224.14



This fault code indicates that the Chassis Control Unit (CCU) detects a mismatch between the commanded state (ON or OFF) of the rear PTO switch and the actual input signal received by the CCU. This discrepancy can be caused by several conditions, including incorrect configuration, improper operation, or communication issues within the control units.


The functionality of the rear PTO is degraded, disabling its operation to prevent unsafe or erroneous behavior due to the detected mismatch.


  1. Resolve Associated Codes:
    • Investigate and resolve any related Armrest Control Unit (ACU) codes, as these are often the underlying cause of the CCU 524224.14 code.
    • Diagnose and address any other relevant fault codes such as CCU 001883.00 (Rear PTO Overspeed), CCU 001883.01 (Rear PTO Underspeed), and CCU 001883.13 (Rear PTO Not Calibrated) before proceeding with this diagnosis.
  2. Inspect and Test PTO Switches:
    • Check the rear PTO switch and associated preselector and external switches for proper operation. Ensure they are not activated while the engine is off or during startup.
    • Verify that the switches are functioning correctly and providing accurate signals to the CCU.
  3. Verify Configuration:
    • Ensure that the Armrest Control Unit (ACU) and Cab Control Unit (CAB) are properly configured according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Misconfiguration can lead to signal mismatches.
    • Use diagnostic tools to check the configuration settings and correct any discrepancies.
  4. Check for VIN Security Issues:
    • Investigate any active VIN security diagnostic trouble codes. Ensure that the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) security settings are correctly configured and that there are no conflicts.
  5. Examine CAN Communication:
    • Ensure reliable CAN bus communication between the ACU, CCU, and CAB units. Look for any communication errors or interruptions that might cause signal mismatches.
  6. Test System Operation:
    • After resolving the above issues, test the rear PTO system by engaging and disengaging the PTO switch under various conditions to ensure it operates correctly.
    • Confirm that all switches respond accurately and that the fault code does not reoccur.


The rear PTO system’s reliable operation is critical for the effective use of implements and attachments. Regular maintenance, proper configuration, and prompt attention to diagnostic codes are essential for preventing operational disruptions and ensuring safe operation.

Common Scenarios and Checks:

  • Switch Activated with Engine Off:
    • Ensure no switches are turned ON while the engine is off or during startup. This is a common cause of the fault code.
  • iTEC™ Interaction:
    • Verify that the Intelligent Total Equipment Control (iTEC™) system is configured and operating correctly. Ensure it does not inadvertently disable the PTO.

Operator Tips:

  • Always follow proper startup and shutdown procedures.
  • Regularly check and maintain switch functionality and configuration settings.
  • Ensure all control units are updated with the latest firmware to avoid compatibility issues.

Regular inspection and maintenance of the PTO system, including switches and control units, can help prevent such faults and ensure smooth and efficient operation of the equipment.

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