CCU 524236.31 – MFWD Switch/ iTEC™ Conflict

CCU 524236.31 (CCU )

Code: 524236.31



This fault code occurs when there is a conflict between the MFWD switch command and the command from the Intelligent Total Equipment Control (iTEC™) system. Specifically, it is detected when iTEC™ is turned off while commanding MFWD, resulting in a mismatch between iTEC™ and the MFWD switch command. This situation is typically operator-induced.


The functionality of the MFWD system is degraded due to the conflict between the commands.


  • Resolve Command Conflicts:
    • Clear the fault code by turning the Intelligent Total Equipment Control (iTEC™) back ON or by cycling the MFWD switch. Ensure that both systems are synchronized in their commands.
  • Operator Training:
    • Educate operators on the proper use of iTEC™ and MFWD systems to avoid inducing such conflicts. Ensure they understand the interactions between these systems.
  • Inspect System Configuration:
    • Verify that both iTEC™ and MFWD systems are correctly configured and calibrated according to the manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Monitor System Performance:
    • After resolving the issue, monitor the MFWD system to ensure there are no further command conflicts and that it operates smoothly.


Understanding and correctly using advanced control systems like iTEC™ can prevent operator-induced faults. Regular training and system checks are essential for maintaining efficient and conflict-free operation.

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