CCU 524251.31 – Operator Not Present With Rear PTO On

CCU 524251.31 (CCU )

Code: 524251.31



This fault code is triggered when the Chassis Control Unit (CCU) detects that the rear PTO is engaged while the operator is not present in the seat or if the operator leaves the seat while the PTO is engaged. This condition can be operator-induced, either by failing to engage the PTO properly or by not maintaining proper seating position.


The functionality of the rear PTO is degraded to prevent unsafe operation when the operator is not present.


  • Verify Operator Presence Switch:
    • Check the seat switch to ensure it properly detects the operator’s presence. Make sure the switch is not damaged or malfunctioning.
    • Inspect the seat wiring harness for any damage or loose connections. Repair or replace as necessary.
  • Ensure Proper Operator Weight:
    • Confirm that the operator’s weight is sufficient to activate the seat switch. If the operator is too light, consider adjusting the sensitivity of the switch if possible.
  • Educate Operators:
    • Provide training for operators on the importance of remaining seated while the PTO is engaged. Ensure they understand the safety protocols associated with PTO operation.
  • System Reset and Testing:
    • After addressing any issues with the seat switch and wiring, reset the CCU and test the rear PTO system to ensure it operates correctly and does not trigger the fault code.


Maintaining proper functionality of the operator presence switch is crucial for safe PTO operation. Regular checks and maintenance of the seat switch and associated wiring can help prevent such faults and ensure operator safety.

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