CCU 524252.05 – Rear PTO Solenoid Circuit Fault

CCU 524252.05 (CCU )

Code: 524252.05



This fault code is triggered when the Chassis Control Unit (CCU) detects a malfunction in the rear PTO solenoid driver or circuit. The issue can be due to an open circuit, short circuit, or an over-temperature condition. The fault is identified while the rear PTO is disengaged. The CCU expects a specific current but receives significantly different values, indicating a circuit problem.


The functionality of the rear PTO is degraded to prevent damage or unsafe operation due to the solenoid circuit fault.


  • Inspect Solenoid and Wiring:
    • Check the rear PTO solenoid for any signs of damage or wear. Ensure the solenoid is functioning correctly.
    • Inspect the wiring harness connected to the solenoid for open circuits, shorts, or any physical damage. Repair or replace any faulty components.
  • Test Electrical Connections:
    • Use a multimeter to measure the current at the solenoid circuit. Ensure it matches the commanded values from the CCU (1100 mA or 0 mA as expected).
    • Verify there are no voltage drops or interruptions in the circuit.
  • Check for Over-Temperature Conditions:
    • Ensure that the solenoid is not experiencing over-temperature conditions. Investigate possible causes such as excessive load or insufficient cooling.
  • Reset System and Monitor:
    • After making necessary repairs or replacements, reset the CCU and monitor the rear PTO system to ensure the fault does not reoccur.


Regular maintenance and inspection of the rear PTO system, including solenoids and wiring, can help prevent such faults and ensure reliable operation. Addressing electrical and mechanical issues promptly is crucial for maintaining system performance.

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