CLC 000628.12 – Programming Status Alert for Cab Load Center. John Deere Operational Notice.

CLC 000628.12 (CLC 628.12)

Code: 000628.12

Shortcode: 628.12


This error code is reported when the Cab Load Center (CLC) is either in the process of programming or a programming attempt has failed. Such conditions can arise from disruptions during the update process, incorrect programming procedures, or compatibility issues with the software being installed.


The system may halt current programming operations and may revert to a previous stable configuration to ensure operational safety.


  • Retry Programming: If a programming failure occurs, attempt to reprogram using verified and compatible software versions.
  • Check Programming Tools and Connections: Ensure that all tools and connections used for programming are functioning properly and securely connected.
  • System Reset and Test: After successful programming, perform a system reset and conduct thorough testing to confirm that all functionalities are working as intended.
  • Technical Support Consultation: If issues persist, consulting with John Deere technical support for guidance or to troubleshoot more complex programming issues is advisable.


Regular firmware and software updates are essential for the optimal performance and security of the system. It is crucial to follow recommended procedures during programming to avoid operational disruptions.

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