CLC 000629.12 – Execution Delay Error in Cab Load Center Control Unit. John Deere Technical Advisory.

CLC 000629.12 (CLC 629.12)

Code: 000629.12

Shortcode: 629.12


This error code is triggered when the software within the Cab Load Center (CLC) fails to execute within the designated time, potentially indicating a processing inefficiency or software overload. This delay can affect real-time operations and responses, which are critical for ensuring accurate control and monitoring.


The system may temporarily freeze or operate in a degraded mode to prevent incorrect actions based on delayed software execution.


  • Optimize Software Configuration: Review and optimize software settings to ensure efficient processing and execution times.
  • Upgrade Hardware if Necessary: Consider upgrading the CLC hardware if it consistently fails to meet software execution demands.
  • Monitor System Performance: Regularly monitor system performance to identify any recurring delays or patterns that may suggest underlying issues.
  • Engage Technical Support: For persistent or unclear issues, seek assistance from John Deere technical support for specialized diagnostics and solutions.


Timely software execution is essential for maintaining the responsiveness and reliability of the control unit, crucial for optimal machinery operation.

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