CLC 002366.05 – Low Current Issue in Front Side Roof Flood Lights Circuit. John Deere Safety Notice.

CLC 002366.05 (CLC 2366.05)

Code: 002366.05

Shortcode: 2366.05


This error code indicates an open circuit condition in the front left or right side roof flood lights, leading to insufficient current flow. An open circuit typically indicates a break in the wiring or a disconnection, which prevents the flood lights from operating.


The front side roof flood lights will be non-operational, impacting visibility and potentially compromising safety.


  • Conduct Wiring Checks: Inspect all wiring and connections for breaks or disconnections.
  • Test Circuit Continuity: Use a multimeter to check for continuity within the circuit to locate the open section.
  • Verify Operational Settings: Ensure the lights are programmed correctly according to the Programmable Lighting Operational Check.
  • Repair and Test: After fixing the open circuit, test the flood lights to verify they are fully operational.


Effective and functional lighting is essential for safe operation in low-light conditions, making it important to address any issues promptly.

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