CLC 002370.06 – Overcurrent Detected in Right Turn Signal Lights Circuit. John Deere Safety Bulletin.

CLC 002370.06 (CLC 2370.06)

Code: 002370.06

Shortcode: 2370.06


This fault code flags that the current in the right fender turn signal light or right roof warning lights has surpassed the safe threshold of 7 amps, indicating a short circuit or excessive power draw. Short circuits can occur due to damaged wires, faulty connections, or degraded insulation, leading to potential risks such as electrical fires or system damage.


The CLC control unit may deactivate the affected circuit to prevent damage to the electrical system and maintain safety.


  • Identify and Repair Short Circuits: Methodically trace the circuit to pinpoint areas of damage or excessive wear. Focus on junctions and connectors which are common failure points.
  • Fuse Evaluation and Replacement: Check the integrity of the fuse, replacing it with one of the correct rating after all repairs have been made.
  • Circuit Load Assessment: Assess whether the circuit is overloaded and redistribute or reduce the load if necessary.
  • System Testing and Validation: Ensure the circuit functions correctly under normal conditions after repairs and adjustments.


Regular inspection and timely resolution of high current issues are crucial to prevent damage and ensure the safety and reliability of the vehicle’s electrical systems.

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