CLC 002370.05 – Low Current Issue in Right Turn Signal Lights Circuit. John Deere Technical Alert.

CLC 002370.05 (CLC 2370.05)

Code: 002370.05

Shortcode: 2370.05


This fault code is generated when the Cab Load Center (CLC) detects an open circuit condition in the right fender turn signal light or the right roof warning light circuits, causing interruption in current flow and light operation.


The right turn signal lights will fail to operate, potentially reducing the vehicle’s visibility and altering its ability to signal intentions to other drivers.


  • Comprehensive Wiring Examination: Inspect the circuit for any disconnections or signs of wear that could cause an open circuit.
  • Component Testing and Replacement: Test all related components and replace any that are defective or damaged.
  • Operational Verification: Confirm the full functionality of the right turn signals after repairs to ensure all issues have been adequately addressed.


Regular checks and maintenance of turn signal systems are vital for safe driving practices and adherence to traffic safety standards.

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