CLC 002378.06 – High Current in Tail Lights Circuit. John Deere Safety Bulletin.

CLC 002378.06 (CLC 2378.06)

Code: 002378.06

Shortcode: 2378.06


This error code is activated when the current in either the left or right tail light circuit exceeds the 7-amp fuse rating, suggesting a possible short circuit. Short circuits can cause overheating, wire damage, or even fires, and are often due to damaged insulation, faulty wiring, or incorrect bulb wattage.


The system may disable the circuit temporarily to prevent damage or a safety hazard.


  • Locate and Repair Short Circuits: Check the circuit thoroughly for any signs of shorting or wire damage.
  • Ensure Correct Bulb Wattage: Verify that the bulbs used are of the correct wattage as specified by the manufacturer.
  • Fuse Replacement: Replace any blown fuses with the correct rating after ensuring all faults are corrected.
  • Reassess Circuit Load: Review the overall circuit load and adjust as necessary to prevent future occurrences.


Regular inspections and immediate repair of wiring issues are essential to prevent potential hazards and ensure ongoing safety.

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