CLC 002598.05 – Low Current in Rear Side Roof Light Circuit. John Deere Electrical Diagnostic.

CLC 002598.05 (CLC 2598.05)

Code: 002598.05

Shortcode: 2598.05


The CLC has detected an open circuit in the rear left or right side roof flood lights, indicating an interruption in the electrical pathway. Such issues often stem from disconnected wires, faulty light fixtures, or deteriorated connections, which hinder the operation of the flood lights.


The rear side roof flood lights will not function due to the open circuit, reducing illumination and potentially affecting safety and operational visibility at night.


  • Inspect Wiring and Fixtures: Thoroughly check all related wiring and light fixtures for any disconnections or damage.
  • Verify Light Configuration: Ensure that the flood lights are programmed to be operational as per the Programmable Lighting Operational Check.
  • Replace or Repair Damaged Parts: Fix or replace any parts that are found to be faulty to restore circuit continuity.
  • Test Light Functionality: Once repairs are made, test the flood lights to confirm they are working correctly.


Proper functioning of roof flood lights enhances visibility for safe operation, making routine checks and maintenance vital.

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