CLC 002598.06 – High Current in Rear Side Roof Light Circuit. John Deere Electrical Safety Advisory.

CLC 002598.06 (CLC 2598.06)

Code: 002598.06

Shortcode: 2598.06


This fault code occurs when the current in the rear left or right side roof flood lights exceeds the 7-amp limit. High current in these circuits can suggest a short circuit or improper wiring, which could lead to overheating, potential wire damage, or circuit failure.


To prevent damage, the system may shut down the affected flood lights until the issue is resolved.


  • Investigate for Short Circuits: Inspect the circuit for any potential short circuits, particularly at connection points and along the wire runs.
  • Check and Replace Fuses: Ensure the fuse matches the required specifications and replace it if it has blown due to overcurrent.
  • Verify Configuration: Confirm that the lights are configured correctly according to the Programmable Lighting Operational Check.
  • Test After Repairs: After addressing the issues, perform tests to ensure the lights operate correctly without exceeding current limits.


Maintaining the electrical integrity of roof flood lights is crucial to avoid malfunctions and ensure the safety and visibility for night operations.

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