CLC 002872.02 – Road Light Switch Configuration Fault. John Deere Electrical Advisory.

CLC 002872.02 (CLC 2872.02)

Code: 002872.02

Shortcode: 2872.02


This fault code arises when there is an invalid status in the road light switch configuration. Specific issues include the headlight command being active without any other switch commands, the headlight command active alongside two or more other switch commands, or other switch commands active without the headlight command. This typically indicates a problem in the switch logic or a potential wiring fault that disrupts proper switch operation and road light functionality.


The road lights may not operate as intended, which could lead to inadequate lighting for road conditions and potential safety hazards.


  • Inspect Switch Assembly and Wiring: Check for mechanical failures in the switch assembly and ensure all wiring is intact and properly connected.
  • Diagnose Control Unit Functionality: Verify that the control unit is functioning correctly and that it interprets switch commands as intended.
  • Rectify Configuration Issues: Correct any configuration errors found during diagnostics to ensure all lights operate in sync with switch commands.
  • Comprehensive System Test: After repairs, test the system under various scenarios to confirm all road light settings are responding correctly.


Proper configuration of road light switches is crucial for vehicle safety during night operation or poor visibility conditions.

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