CLC 522310.05 – ELX Output 1 Circuit Low Current. John Deere Electrical Diagnostic Alert.

CLC 522310.05 (CLC )

Code: 522310.05



This error code is triggered when the ELX output 1 circuit is detected as open, indicated by current levels below the specified milliamperes for the intended operation. An open circuit in this context often results from disconnected wires, failed components, or faulty connections, which prevent the correct operation of the component or circuit reliant on this output.


The component or system connected to ELX output 1 will not receive sufficient power, leading to malfunction or complete non-operation.


  • Check for Open Circuits: Utilize a multimeter to locate breaks or disconnections in the circuit.
  • Inspect and Replace Components: Examine all related components and replace any that are damaged or non-functional.
  • Ensure Proper Connection: Secure all connections to prevent future occurrences of open circuits.
  • Functional Verification: Test the functionality of the circuit post-repair to ensure all operations are restored.


Maintaining the integrity of electrical outputs is essential for the reliable operation of connected systems and components.

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