CLC 522435.06 – High Current in Front Wiper Motor High Speed Circuit. John Deere Safety Bulletin.

CLC 522435.06 (CLC )

Code: 522435.06



This fault code is recorded when the current in the front wiper motor high speed circuit surpasses the 7-amp fuse rating, suggesting a short circuit or motor overload. Such conditions can lead to overheating, potential motor failure, and safety risks.


To mitigate risks, the system might shut off the high speed operation of the front wiper motor.


  • Thorough Inspection of Motor and Circuitry: Investigate the front wiper motor and its circuitry for any potential faults or damage that could cause high current draw.
  • Repair or Replace Faulty Elements: Address all identified issues, replacing faulty wiring or components as necessary.
  • Functionality Testing: After fixing the issues, test the high speed functionality of the wiper motor to ensure it operates correctly.
  • Ongoing Circuit Assessment: Regularly assess the circuit’s performance to ensure stability and safety over time.


Regular maintenance of the wiper motor and its electrical circuit helps prevent operational disruptions and maintains the efficacy of the wiper system under varying driving conditions.

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