CLC 522434.06 – High Current in Front Wiper Motor Low Speed Circuit. John Deere Operational Alert.

CLC 522434.06 (CLC )

Code: 522434.06



This error code is triggered when the current in the front wiper motor low speed circuit exceeds the 7-amp fuse rating. This abnormal current draw is typically caused by a fault within the motor or its wiring, such as a short circuit, which can impair the motor’s function and risk electrical safety.


The front wiper motor’s low speed function may be disabled to prevent circuit damage.


  • Diagnose Motor and Wiring Issues: Examine the front wiper motor and associated wiring closely for shorts or excessive wear.
  • Correct and Replace Damaged Parts: Replace any damaged or malfunctioning components identified during the inspection.
  • Ensure Proper Functionality: Conduct operational tests on the wiper motor at low speed to confirm repairs have restored normal function.
  • Continuous Monitoring: Keep an eye on the repaired circuit to catch any recurring or new issues promptly.


Ensuring the front wiper motor operates effectively without drawing excessive current is crucial for maintaining visibility and safety, especially during adverse weather conditions.

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