CLC 524016.06 – High Current in CAN Wake-Up Circuit. John Deere Safety Advisory.

CLC 524016.06 (CLC )

Code: 524016.06



This fault code indicates that the current in the CAN wake-up output circuit has exceeded the 7-amp fuse rating. High current can be caused by a short circuit within the wiring or excessive load from connected components. This condition risks overheating, potential damage to electrical components, and circuit failure.


The control unit may shut down the wake-up circuit to prevent damage and mitigate any risk of electrical fires.


  • Locate and Rectify Short Circuits: Search for and fix any short circuits in the circuit, especially in areas prone to wear or damage.
  • Check and Replace Fuses: Ensure that blown fuses are replaced with ones of the correct rating after all issues have been resolved.
  • Assess Connected Loads: Evaluate all components and sensors powered by the wake-up circuit for faults that could contribute to high current draw.
  • Comprehensive Testing: After repairs, thoroughly test the wake-up circuit to verify that it operates within safe current limits.


Maintaining the CAN wake-up circuit within specified current parameters is essential for the safe and effective operation of the vehicle’s electrical system, emphasizing the need for continuous monitoring and maintenance.

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