CLC 524259.00 – Critical Overheat in CLC Circuit Board. John Deere Thermal Alert.

CLC 524259.00 (CLC )

Code: 524259.00



This fault code is issued when the Cab Load Center (CLC) control unit’s circuit board temperature exceeds 115 °C (239 °F) for more than 2 seconds. This critical temperature level can cause severe damage to the circuit board, potentially leading to failure of electronic components, degradation of circuit integrity, and a risk of fire.


The system may initiate protective measures such as shutting down non-critical functions to prevent further temperature increase and potential damage.


  • Immediate System Cool Down: Shut down the system if possible to allow the circuit board to cool.
  • Inspect for Ventilation Issues: Ensure that the CLC is properly ventilated and free from dust or obstructions that could impede cooling.
  • Check Cooling Mechanisms: Verify that any fans or other cooling systems are functioning correctly.
  • Review Load Conditions: Reduce electrical load on the circuit board if it is determined to be a contributing factor.
  • Assess and Repair Damage: Once cooled, assess the circuit board for any signs of thermal damage and make necessary repairs.


Preventive maintenance, including regular checks of temperature and electrical load, is essential to avoid such critical overheating conditions.

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