CLC 524259.16 – High Temperature Alert for CLC Circuit Board. John Deere Temperature Warning.

CLC 524259.16 (CLC )

Code: 524259.16



The temperature of the CLC control unit’s circuit board has been detected above 100 °C (212 °F) for more than 2 seconds. Such temperatures are likely to affect the performance and reliability of the circuit board, potentially leading to erratic behavior or circuit damage.


Non-essential functions may be temporarily disabled to reduce the thermal load on the circuit board.


  • Immediate Cooling Measures: Take steps to cool down the circuit board if the temperature remains high.
  • Check and Enhance Ventilation: Ensure adequate ventilation and air circulation around the CLC.
  • Inspect for Overloading: Investigate if overloading of the circuit board is occurring and take steps to redistribute or reduce the load.
  • Thorough Inspection Post-Event: After the temperature normalizes, inspect the unit for any signs of thermal damage or degradation.


Continuous monitoring and immediate response to high temperature alarms are key to preventing damage and ensuring the system’s operational integrity.

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