CLC 524259.15 – Elevated Temperature Warning for CLC Circuit Board. John Deere Thermal Advisory.

CLC 524259.15 (CLC )

Code: 524259.15



This code indicates that the temperature of the CLC control unit’s circuit board has reached 85 °C (185 °F) for more than 2 seconds. This elevated temperature can accelerate the aging of electronic components and potentially lead to intermittent faults or premature failure.


The CLC may limit certain operations to reduce heat generation within the unit.


  • Monitor and Control Temperature: Implement regular monitoring to detect and address temperature rises.
  • Enhance Cooling Efficiency: Improve the cooling within the enclosure, possibly by adding additional fans or enhancing air flow.
  • Evaluate Environmental Factors: Consider external factors such as ambient temperature and equipment enclosure conditions that may contribute to overheating.
  • Perform System Checks: Regularly check the system for any other faults that might cause overloading and overheating.


Managing thermal stress is crucial for maintaining the longevity and reliability of electronic systems.

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