CRU 520194.02 – VIN Information Mismatch Detected. John Deere System Advisory.

CRU 520194.02 (CRU )

Code: 520194.02



The error code CRU 520194.02 is triggered when the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) from the CRU control software is not received by other control units or control software within the vehicle. This issue suggests a problem within the vehicle’s CAN Bus operating at 500 kBd. A possible cause of this fault code is rapid cycling of the ignition key, which may prevent the radio from receiving the VIN from the ECU correctly.


The control software may operate with limited functionality or may become non-functional to avoid incorrect operations due to the VIN mismatch.


  • Check for Rapid Key Cycling: Ensure that the operator does not cycle the ignition key too quickly. The radio requires time to receive the VIN from the ECU properly. Allow sufficient time between turning the key off and on again.
  • Inspect CAN Bus Connections: Examine the CAN Bus network connections for any loose, damaged, or corroded connectors that could disrupt the communication of the VIN information between control units.
  • Use Diagnostic Tools to Test CAN Bus: Employ diagnostic tools to test the CAN Bus for integrity and proper function. Identify and resolve any disruptions or faults within the network.
  • Monitor VIN Broadcast from ECU: Verify that the ECU is correctly broadcasting the VIN. If necessary, update or reconfigure the ECU software to ensure it transmits the VIN reliably.
  • Reset and Re-test the System: After addressing potential issues, reset the control software and perform a key cycle to allow the radio to update and clear the error code. Monitor the system to ensure that the VIN is correctly received and recognized by all control units.


Maintaining a stable CAN Bus network and ensuring proper communication between all control units are essential for the reliable operation of vehicle systems. Regular diagnostics and careful operation procedures can prevent issues like VIN mismatches and ensure the continued functionality and efficiency of the control software.

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