CRU 520772.12 – Radio MP3 Communication Fault. John Deere System Advisory.

CRU 520772.12 (CRU )

Code: 520772.12



Error code CRU 520772.12 is generated when there is a communication interruption between the CD drive and the MP3 management chip within the radio unit. This internal fault affects the radio’s ability to play MP3 files from CDs or USB drives. The code will not appear unless MP3 media is correctly inserted or connected. If this fault persists more than 10 times and all other radio functions are working correctly, the radio unit may need to be replaced.


Due to the communication fault, the control software may limit or disable certain functionalities related to MP3 playback. Other radio functions should remain unaffected.


  • Check Media for MP3 Files: Ensure that the CD or USB drive being used contains MP3 music files. The fault code will only be triggered if the correct media is inserted or connected.
  • Inspect CD Drive and USB Connections: Verify that the CD drive and USB connections are secure and free of any debris or damage that could affect communication with the MP3 management chip.
  • Test with Different Media: Try using a different CD or USB drive with MP3 files to determine if the fault lies with the media being used.
  • Reset the Radio System: Perform a reset of the radio system to clear any temporary communication glitches. This can sometimes resolve intermittent faults.
  • Monitor Fault Code Frequency: Keep track of how often the fault code appears. If the code persists more than 10 times despite all other radio functions working correctly, consider replacing the radio unit.
  • Replace Radio Unit if Necessary: If persistent faults occur and other troubleshooting steps do not resolve the issue, replace the radio unit to restore full functionality.


Ensuring proper communication between the CD drive and MP3 management chip is essential for the reliable playback of MP3 files. Regular checks and maintenance of the radio system can help prevent communication issues. If replacement is necessary, it ensures continued enjoyment of multimedia functions and overall satisfaction with the vehicle’s entertainment system.

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