CRU 521780.06 – High Current Detected in USB Connection. John Deere System Advisory.

CRU 521780.06 (CRU )

Code: 521780.06



The error code CRU 521780.06 is triggered when the control software detects that the current at the USB connection is too high. This condition suggests a short circuit at the USB connection or an issue with the connected USB device. High current levels can potentially damage the USB port or the connected device.


The control software may limit or disable functionality related to the USB connection to prevent damage or malfunction due to the high current condition.


  • Inspect USB Connection and Device: Check the USB port and the connected device for any signs of physical damage or debris that could cause a short circuit. Ensure that the USB connection is clean and secure.
  • Use Properly Charged Devices: When connecting non-flash drive devices such as smartphones, tablets, or MP3 players, ensure that they are at least 50% charged. Devices pulling more current than the USB port’s rating (500mA) can trigger the high current fault.
  • Test with Different Devices: Connect different USB devices to the port to determine if the issue is with a specific device or the USB port itself. This helps isolate the problem.
  • Measure Current Draw: Use a multimeter to measure the current draw at the USB port to confirm if it exceeds the rated capacity. This can help identify if the port or the connected device is causing the excessive current.
  • Replace Faulty Components: If a short circuit or fault is identified in the USB port or the connected device, replace the faulty components to prevent further issues.
  • Reset and Re-test the System: After addressing the issues, reset the control software and test the USB connection to ensure normal functionality and that the high current condition is resolved.


Maintaining the USB ports and ensuring that connected devices do not exceed the port’s current rating is essential for the reliable operation of the vehicle’s electronic systems. Regular checks and mindful usage of USB-connected devices can prevent high current issues, ensuring the longevity and proper function of the USB ports and associated control software.

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