CRU 521156.12 – XM Satellite Radio Communication Fault. John Deere System Advisory.

CRU 521156.12 (CRU )

Code: 521156.12



The error code CRU 521156.12 indicates a communication error with the XM Satellite Radio Module. This issue could be due to problems with the module’s antenna or incorrect country code settings. It is important to verify that the radio unit supports XM Satellite Radio, as indicated by the presence of (((XM))) on the radio faceplate.


The control software may exhibit limited or no functionality related to XM Satellite Radio due to the communication error.


  • Inspect XM Module Antenna: Ensure that the XM Satellite Radio Module antenna is properly connected, undamaged, and positioned correctly to receive satellite signals.
  • Verify Country Code Settings: Check that the country code is set to US at address VTI 045. Incorrect settings may prevent proper communication with the XM Satellite Radio Module.
  • Check Radio Compatibility: Confirm that the radio unit supports XM Satellite Radio. Look for (((XM))) on the faceplate. If this marking is not present, the radio does not support XM, and attempting to resolve the error will be futile.
  • Inspect Module and Connections: Examine the XM Satellite Radio Module and its connections for any signs of damage or loose connections that could disrupt communication.
  • Reset and Re-test the System: After making the necessary adjustments or repairs, reset the control software and test the system to ensure that the XM Satellite Radio is functioning correctly and that the error code is cleared.


Proper setup and maintenance of the XM Satellite Radio system are crucial for uninterrupted satellite radio service. Regularly checking the module, antenna, and settings can prevent communication errors and ensure that the radio system provides the expected entertainment features. Addressing any faults promptly helps maintain the overall functionality and user experience of the vehicle’s radio system.

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