CSC 000084.15 – Wheel Speed Error During Calibration. John Deere System Advisory.

CSC 000084.15 (CSC 84.15)

Code: 000084.15

Shortcode: 84.15


This error code, CSC 000084.15, signifies that a wheel speed above 0.5 km/h (0.3 mph) was detected via the CAN Bus during calibration of the tractor. This error may stem from either a defective wheel speed sensor or a sensor for transmission output speed, leading to incorrect speed data being received. Additionally, if the tractor is not positioned on a level surface during the calibration, it may inadvertently move, resulting in this error.


The control software may respond with limited functionality or may not function at all as a safety measure to prevent incorrect calibration and potential operational errors.


  • Inspect and Test Wheel Speed Sensors: Check for physical damage or malfunction in the wheel speed sensors and the transmission output speed sensor. Replace or repair sensors if defects are found.
  • Ensure Level Calibration Environment: Verify that the tractor is on a flat and stable surface during calibration to prevent unintended movement. Adjust the position of the tractor as necessary before beginning the calibration process.
  • Check and Reset CAN Bus System: Look for any issues in the CAN Bus system that might be causing erroneous data transmission. Resetting the system might resolve transient errors.
  • Conduct Calibration Tests: After making adjustments or repairs, perform calibration tests to ensure that no wheel movement is detected and that the sensors are accurately reporting the wheel speed.


Maintaining precise sensor accuracy and ensuring a stable environment during calibration are crucial for the proper functioning of the tractor’s systems. Regular checks and maintenance of the sensors and the calibration setup can help prevent issues related to incorrect detection of wheel speed.

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