CSC 000084.19 – CAN Bus Communication Fault: Incorrect Wheel Speed Signal. John Deere System Advisory.

CSC 000084.19 (CSC 84.19)

Code: 000084.19

Shortcode: 84.19


Error code CSC 000084.19 indicates a failure in receiving correct wheel speed sensor data from the Chassis Control Unit (CCU). This malfunction could be due to the wheel speed sensor not being available, potentially caused by an incorrect configuration, or due to an incorrect sensor signal resulting from a circuit issue at the wheel speed sensor. This error affects the accuracy of the wheel speed data, which is critical for various operational functions of the tractor.


The control software may exhibit limited functionality or may completely fail to operate due to the incorrect wheel speed data, as a precautionary measure to avoid incorrect operations based on faulty sensor input.


  • Inspect Wheel Speed Sensor Configuration: Verify that the wheel speed sensor is configured correctly according to the specifications. Correct any misconfigurations found.
  • Check Sensor and Circuit Integrity: Examine the wheel speed sensor and associated circuits for any signs of damage or malfunction. Repair or replace damaged components as necessary.
  • Reset and Reconfigure CAN Bus System: Ensure the CAN Bus system is correctly configured and reset any settings that may be contributing to the error.
  • Test Sensor Signal: After repairs or adjustments, perform a comprehensive test to ensure the wheel speed sensor is sending accurate signals to the CCU.


Consistent and accurate sensor feedback is crucial for the optimal performance of control systems in agricultural machinery. Regular maintenance and immediate attention to sensor and circuit issues are essential to prevent operational disruptions and to maintain safety standards.

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