CSC 000574.19 – Communication Failure: Missing Enable Signal from Transmission Units. John Deere System Advisory.

CSC 000574.19 (CSC 574.19)

Code: 000574.19

Shortcode: 574.19


Error code CSC 000574.19 refers to a failure in the communication system where the Cab Suspension Control Unit (CSC) does not receive the required enable signals from various transmission control units, including the AutoPowr™/IVT™ Transmission Control Unit (PTI), e23™ Transmission Control Unit (PTP), and CommandQuad™ Transmission Control Unit (PTQ). This error indicates a disruption in the expected messaging pathway which is crucial for synchronizing transmission functions with the cab suspension operations.


In response to the missing or incorrect enable signals, the control software may operate with restricted functionality or may not function at all, which is intended to prevent operational errors that could result from incorrect or incomplete command signals.


  • Inspect Transmission Control Units: Check each mentioned transmission control unit (TCU) for connectivity and functionality. Ensure that each unit is correctly configured to send the required enable signals.
  • Verify CAN Bus System Integrity: Examine the CAN Bus system to identify any disruptions or malfunctions that could be preventing proper signal transmission. Repair any faults found.
  • Test Communication Pathways: Conduct tests to ensure that enable signals are being transmitted correctly from the TCUs to the CSC. This may involve simulation or live testing under controlled conditions.
  • System Resets and Software Updates: After ensuring all hardware is functioning correctly, consider resetting the relevant systems and updating the software to the latest versions to ensure optimal communication and functionality.


Maintaining effective communication between the cab suspension control unit and various transmission control units is essential for the integrated operation of the vehicle. Regular checks and maintenance are critical to ensure that communication failures do not lead to larger operational or safety issues. Prompt attention to any anomalies in transmission signaling is crucial for avoiding disruptions in tractor functionality.

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