CSC 000190.19 – Failure to Detect Engine Speed While Stationary. John Deere System Advisory.

CSC 000190.19 (CSC 190.19)

Code: 000190.19

Shortcode: 190.19


Error code CSC 000190.19 indicates an issue where the Cab Suspension Control Unit (CSC) does not receive the necessary engine speed data while the tractor is stationary. Specifically, the engine speed (as reported via the CAN Bus) remains between 100 and 500 rpm for more than 5 seconds. This condition could arise from a sudden drop in engine speed or incorrect speed data being transmitted by the Engine Control Unit (ECU), leading to operational discrepancies in processes that require stable engine data.


The control software may respond with severely limited functionality or fail to operate entirely, acting as a protective measure against potential errors arising from unreliable engine speed data.


  • Check Engine and ECU Functionality: Ensure the engine is operating correctly and consistently without unexpected rpm drops. Evaluate the ECU for potential errors in transmitting engine speed data.
  • Verify CAN Bus Integrity: Inspect the CAN Bus system for any faults or disruptions that could interfere with accurate data transmission. Repair or adjust as necessary to restore proper communication.
  • Adjust and Test Engine Sensors: Calibrate sensors involved in measuring engine speed. Testing these sensors can help confirm their accuracy and reliability in reporting engine data.
  • System Reset and Verification: After addressing potential issues, reset the control systems to apply changes. Perform a thorough verification to ensure that the engine speed data is accurately detected and reported by the CSC.


Regular monitoring and maintenance of the engine’s performance and its communication systems (like the ECU and CAN Bus) are vital for ensuring the accuracy of transmitted data and the reliability of tractor operations. Quick resolution of discrepancies in engine speed readings is crucial to maintaining both operational efficiency and safety standards.

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