CSC 000898.19 – Engine Speed Data Error in CAN Bus Communication. John Deere System Advisory.

CSC 000898.19 (CSC 898.19)

Code: 000898.19

Shortcode: 898.19


Error code CSC 000898.19 concerns a communication issue where the Cab Suspension Control Unit (CSC) does not receive the required engine speed data. This issue indicates either a total lack of transmission or incorrect data being sent through the CAN Bus, crucial for the operation of various systems in the vehicle.


The control software will exhibit limited functionality or may not function at all as a safeguard. This preventive measure helps to avoid operational errors that could occur due to reliance on incorrect engine speed data.


  • Inspect the Engine Control Unit (ECU): Ensure that the ECU, which transmits the engine speed data, is functioning properly. Look for faults or errors that could be disrupting its operation.
  • Check CAN Bus Connectivity: Verify the integrity of the CAN Bus connections and wiring. Faults in the CAN Bus can lead to disruptions in data transmission.
  • Test Engine Speed Sensors: Confirm that the sensors responsible for detecting and transmitting engine speed are working accurately. Replace or repair any malfunctioning sensors.
  • System Resets and Recalibrations: After troubleshooting and making necessary repairs, reset the systems involved. Recalibrate the sensors and the ECU to ensure they are correctly synchronized and functioning as intended.


Regular monitoring of the communication systems and engine sensors is crucial for maintaining the functionality and safety of the equipment. Immediate attention to and resolution of data transmission errors help prevent potential operational issues and ensure that vehicle systems operate reliably under various conditions.

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