CSC 002000.09 – Data Transfer Issue: CAN Bus Communication Error with ECU. John Deere System Advisory.

CSC 002000.09 (CSC 2000.09)

Code: 002000.09

Shortcode: 2000.09


Error code CSC 002000.09 highlights a data transfer issue between the Cab Suspension Control Unit (CSC) control software and the Engine Control Unit (ECU) control software. This malfunction suggests a problem either within the Controller Area Network (CAN) bus system or in the software responsible for transmitting the data. Such issues can lead to incorrect or incomplete message exchanges, affecting the overall functionality of the control systems.


Due to the communication fault, the control software may operate with limited functionality or may not function at all. This preventive action helps avoid incorrect machine behavior that could arise from faulty data communication.


  • Diagnose CAN Bus System: Use diagnostic tools to thoroughly check the integrity and functionality of the CAN bus. Look for physical damage, loose connections, or corrosion at connection points which might be affecting signal integrity.
  • Check Software Configurations and Updates: Ensure that both the CSC and ECU control software are correctly configured and up-to-date. Software issues could be corrected with updates or reconfiguration to ensure compatibility and proper data handling.
  • Test Data Transmission: Conduct tests to monitor the data being transferred between the CSC and ECU control systems. This should include checking for errors in the messages received and sent over the CAN bus.
  • Resolve Identified Connectivity or Software Issues: Any identified faults in connectivity or software should be addressed promptly, either by repairing physical components or adjusting software settings.
  • Reset Systems and Comprehensive Testing: After addressing the issues, reset the affected systems to ensure all changes take effect. Perform comprehensive testing to verify that communication has been restored and that all functionalities of the control systems are operational.


Maintaining robust and reliable communication across control systems is crucial for the safe and efficient operation of machinery. Regular monitoring and maintenance of the CAN bus and associated software are essential to prevent communication failures and ensure that the equipment operates smoothly. Addressing communication issues promptly is key to minimizing downtime and maintaining operational efficiency.

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