CSC 002005.09 – Communication Disruption with Transmission Control Units. John Deere System Advisory.

CSC 002005.09 (CSC 2005.09)

Code: 002005.09

Shortcode: 2005.09


This error code CSC 002005.09 refers to a failure in the communication line between the Cab Suspension Control Unit (CSC) and various transmission shift control units, including the AutoPowr™/IVT™ Transmission Shift Control Unit (TII), the e23™ Transmission Control Unit (TIP), and the CommandQuad™ Transmission Shift Control Unit (TIQ). The issue suggests problems within the CAN bus system or the software responsible for data transmission, leading to the absence of crucial operational messages.


The lack of essential communication prompts the CSC control software to operate with limited functionality or cease functioning entirely, ensuring that operational integrity is not compromised by erroneous or missing data.


  • Examine CAN Bus Connections: Check for faults or disruptions in the CAN bus system that could hinder message transmission.
  • Ensure Proper Configuration of Control Units: Confirm that all involved transmission control units are correctly configured and actively communicating.
  • Update and Test Software: Apply the latest software updates to the CSC and transmission control units. Conduct thorough tests to ensure messages are being correctly transmitted and received.
  • System Reset and Recalibration: After any adjustments or repairs, reset the system settings and recalibrate to ensure all units are synchronized and functional.


Regular system checks and proactive maintenance of communication pathways are essential to avoid data transmission failures, which can critically impact machine operations.

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