CSC 002003.09 – CAN Bus Communication Error: Missing Transmission Control Messages. John Deere System Advisory.

CSC 002003.09 (CSC 2003.09)

Code: 002003.09

Shortcode: 2003.09


Error code CSC 002003.09 indicates a data transfer issue between the Cab Suspension Control Unit (CSC) and the transmission control software (TIA/TIQ), specifically involving missing messages from the AutoPowr™/IVT™ Transmission Control Unit (PTI), e23™ Transmission Control Unit (PTP), and CommandQuad™ Transmission Control Unit (PTQ). This problem may be due to a fault within the Controller Area Network (CAN) bus or a defect in the transmitting control software, leading to incomplete or absent data exchanges that are crucial for the operation of the vehicle.


The CSC control software may exhibit limited functionality or may completely cease functioning, acting as a safeguard to prevent operational errors based on the missing or incorrect data.


  • Inspect CAN Bus System: Conduct a thorough examination of the CAN bus for any signs of damage, disconnection, or malfunction that might impede data transmission.
  • Verify Communication between Units: Ensure that all involved transmission control units (TCU) are correctly configured and actively communicating. Check for software mismatches or settings that could prevent proper messaging.
  • Update and Configure Software: Update the software for the CSC, PTI, PTP, and PTQ units to the latest versions. Ensure all software settings are correct to facilitate proper communication.
  • Systematic Testing: After making any adjustments, perform systematic testing to verify that all messages are being received as expected by the CSC from the transmission control units.
  • Reset and Recalibrate Systems: Reset the systems to apply any updates or changes. Recalibrate as necessary to ensure all components function in harmony.


Regular monitoring of data transmission and software integrity across the vehicle’s network is critical for maintaining operational reliability and safety. Quick identification and resolution of communication issues within the CAN bus and between control units can greatly reduce downtime and enhance the efficiency of machinery operations.

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