CSC 002020.09 – CAN Bus Communication Fault with SFA Control Software. John Deere System Advisory.

CSC 002020.09 (CSC 2020.09)

Code: 002020.09

Shortcode: 2020.09


The error CSC 002020.09 arises from a communication breakdown between the Cab Suspension Control Unit (CSC) and the Steering and Front Axle (SFA) control software. This malfunction is typically due to issues within the Controller Area Network (CAN) bus or faults in the software responsible for transmitting data. Such disruptions compromise the transmission of critical steering and axle control information.


In response to the fault, the CSC control software may significantly limit its operations or cease functioning entirely to prevent any adverse effects from inaccurate or missing data communications.


  • Inspect and Test CAN Bus System: Check the CAN bus for any physical or technical issues that might be disrupting communication.
  • Verify Configuration of SFA Software: Ensure that the SFA control software settings are correct and that it is properly communicating with the CSC.
  • Update Software and Systems: If necessary, update the firmware or software of both the CSC and SFA systems to the latest versions to enhance compatibility and functionality.
  • Conduct Comprehensive System Tests: After making any changes, perform thorough testing to ensure that data transfer between CSC and SFA is restored and functioning as intended.


Regular diagnostics and maintenance of the CAN bus and related software systems are essential to maintaining the operational integrity of crucial control units within agricultural machinery.

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