CSC 002049.09 – Data Transfer Issue with OIC Control Software. John Deere System Advisory.

CSC 002049.09 (CSC 2049.09)

Code: 002049.09

Shortcode: 2049.09


Error code CSC 002049.09 indicates a problem in the data transfer between the Cab Suspension Control Unit (CSC) and the Operator Interface Control (OIC) software. This issue typically points to complications within the CAN bus or errors in the transmitting control software, disrupting the flow of necessary operator interface information.


Due to this communication error, the CSC control software is likely to operate with restricted functionality or not operate at all, acting as a safety measure to prevent operational errors based on incorrect or incomplete data.


  • Examine CAN Bus Connectivity: Thoroughly inspect the CAN bus for any issues that could be causing data transmission failures.
  • Check OIC System Configuration: Make sure that the OIC system is correctly set up and is communicating effectively with the CSC.
  • Software Updates and Diagnostic Tests: Update the software for both systems to the latest available versions and run diagnostic tests to identify and correct any anomalies.
  • Reset and Verify System Operations: Reset both the CSC and OIC systems following updates or repairs. Verify that all systems are fully operational and communicating correctly.


Ensuring continuous and accurate communication between the CSC and interface control units is critical for the smooth operation of the machinery’s interactive functions. Swift action in correcting communication issues helps maintain both safety and efficiency in operations.

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