CSC 002145.09 – Functional Disruptions Linked to FCC Communication Error. John Deere System Advisory.

CSC 002145.09 (CSC 2145.09)

Code: 002145.09

Shortcode: 2145.09


The error CSC 002145.09 occurs due to a communication breakdown between the Cab Suspension Control Unit (CSC) and the Front Chassis Control Unit (FCC). This issue leads to notable operational disruptions: turn signals revert to flasher mode, washer pumps cease operation, programmable active work lights shut off after 5 minutes, and both road and work lights are restricted to low beam functionality. The root cause is identified as a problem in the CAN bus or the software responsible for data transmission.


Limited or no functionality of the CSC control software is observed, effectively putting a halt on certain vehicle functions to prevent unsafe operation under compromised control conditions.


  • Inspect CAN Bus System: Thoroughly examine the CAN bus for issues that could be causing these specific functional errors.
  • Check FCC and CSC Software Configuration: Make sure that both the CSC and FCC are configured correctly and that all settings align with required operational standards.
  • Address Software and Hardware Errors: Update the software for both units, and replace any faulty hardware that might be affecting communication or functionality.
  • Conduct Functional Testing: After making any repairs or software updates, carry out tests to ensure all affected functions are restored and operating correctly.
  • System Resets: Reset all related systems to confirm changes are implemented effectively.


The integration of control units via the CAN bus is crucial for synchronized vehicle operation. Continuous monitoring and prompt resolution of communication errors are key to maintaining safety and operational efficiency.

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