CSC 002071.09 – Wheel Speed Data Transmission Failure with CCU. John Deere System Advisory.

CSC 002071.09 (CSC 2071.09)

Code: 002071.09

Shortcode: 2071.09


Error CSC 002071.09 denotes a failure in the data transfer process between the Cab Suspension Control Unit (CSC) and the Chassis Control Unit (CCU). Specifically, the CSC fails to receive wheel speed information from the CCU, which is crucial for vehicle stability and performance. This issue typically points to a malfunction within the Controller Area Network (CAN) bus or a fault in the transmitting control software, impacting crucial dynamic data transmission.


The CSC control software may limit its functionality significantly or cease functioning altogether, as a preventive measure to avoid misoperation due to the lack of critical speed data.


  • Check CAN Bus and Connections: Inspect the CAN bus for any physical damages, disconnections, or malfunctions that could be impeding data flow.
  • Verify CCU Operation and Configuration: Ensure that the CCU is operating correctly and is configured properly to transmit wheel speed data.
  • Test and Calibrate Wheel Speed Sensors: Confirm that wheel speed sensors connected to the CCU are functioning correctly and providing accurate data.
  • Update Firmware and Software: Apply the latest updates to both the CSC and CCU firmware and software to ensure compatibility and optimal functionality.
  • Perform System Resets and Testing: After repairs or adjustments, reset the affected systems and conduct comprehensive testing to ensure that the wheel speed data is being accurately transmitted and received.


Maintaining accurate and reliable communication between control units is vital for the safe operation of the vehicle, especially concerning dynamic data like wheel speed, which directly affects vehicle handling and stability.

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