CSC 003511.04 – Low Voltage Issue at CSC Sensors. John Deere System Advisory.

CSC 003511.04 (CSC 3511.04)

Code: 003511.04

Shortcode: 3511.04


The diagnostic trouble code CSC 003511.04 is activated when the voltage at the 5-V components for CSC sensors drops below the acceptable limit, registering less than 4.8 V. This condition is often due to a circuit being shorted to ground or an internal interruption within the CSC control software, potentially leading to inadequate sensor function and erroneous data processing.


The CSC control software may exhibit limited or no functionality as a preventive measure against malfunctions arising from inadequate voltage supply to sensors.


  • Inspect and Repair Circuit Connections: Examine the circuit for any potential shorts to ground and repair them.
  • Measure and Adjust Voltage Levels: Use diagnostic tools to measure the voltage at 5-V components and adjust them to meet required specifications.
  • Assess and Update CSC Control Software: Check for any disruptions or errors in the CSC control software that may affect voltage regulation and update or fix the software as needed.
  • Replace Damaged Components: Identify and replace any components that are damaged or contributing to the low voltage issue.
  • Perform System Resets and Voltage Tests: After repairs, reset the system settings and conduct voltage tests to ensure all components receive correct voltage levels.


Ensuring that sensors receive proper voltage is essential for accurate data transmission and reliable system operations. Prompt correction of voltage irregularities helps prevent broader system failures and maintains the functionality of the equipment.

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