CSC 003511.06 – Excessive Current in CSC Sensors’ 5-V Supply. John Deere System Advisory.

CSC 003511.06 (CSC 3511.06)

Code: 003511.06

Shortcode: 3511.06


Error code CSC 003511.06 is triggered when the current flowing to the 5-V components at the Cab Suspension Control Unit (CSC) sensors exceeds the normal operational threshold, specifically greater than 100 mA. This condition typically points to a potential short to ground within the circuit, which could compromise sensor functionality and lead to inaccurate data readings or equipment damage.


In response to the high current, the CSC control software may limit its functionality or cease operation entirely to prevent potential damage or unsafe conditions.


  • Inspect Electrical Circuits: Thoroughly check the circuits for any signs of short circuits, especially those leading to ground, and repair as necessary.
  • Measure Current Flow: Use appropriate tools to measure the current flow to the 5-V components, verifying that it remains within specified limits.
  • Isolate and Replace Faulty Components: Identify any components that may be causing excessive current draw and replace them.
  • System Resets and Functional Tests: After making the necessary repairs, reset the CSC system settings and perform functional tests to ensure all sensors and related components are operating correctly within their electrical specifications.


Regular inspections and maintenance of electrical circuits are crucial for preventing overcurrent conditions, which can severely impact sensor operations and overall system reliability.

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