CSC 520542.03 – High Voltage Issue on Vehicle CAN Bus. John Deere System Advisory.

CSC 520542.03 (CSC )

Code: 520542.03



CSC 520542.03 is triggered when the voltage on the CAN+ line is too high, potentially due to a circuit being open or shorted to a 12 V source. This abnormal voltage can lead to disruptions in the CAN bus communications and potential harm to connected devices.


The control software restricts or halts operation as a precautionary measure to protect the system from damage caused by overvoltage conditions.


  • Inspect and Repair Circuitry: Examine the CAN bus circuits for any open connections or shorts to higher voltage sources and repair them.
  • Test Voltage Levels: Use voltage testing equipment to confirm that the CAN+ line operates within normal voltage parameters after repairs.
  • Replace Damaged Components: Identify and replace any components that have been damaged by the overvoltage condition to prevent further issues.
  • Reset Systems and Recheck: After making necessary repairs, reset the affected systems and perform a thorough check to ensure normal operation has been restored.


Proper maintenance of electrical circuits and regular voltage checks are essential to prevent overvoltage issues that can disrupt communication networks.

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