CSC 520543.04 – Low Voltage Issue on Vehicle CAN Bus. John Deere System Advisory.

CSC 520543.04 (CSC )

Code: 520543.04



This diagnostic trouble code, CSC 520543.04, indicates that the voltage on the CAN- line is too low, which usually suggests a short to ground. Such a condition can impair the functionality of the CAN bus, leading to communication failures and potential system malfunctions.


Control software functionality is limited or disabled to avoid errors and malfunctions that may arise from unreliable data communication due to low voltage.


  • Check for Shorts to Ground: Thoroughly inspect the CAN bus system for any shorts to ground, which may be causing the low voltage issue, and correct them.
  • Measure and Adjust Voltage Levels: Use appropriate tools to measure the voltage levels at CAN- to ensure they meet required specifications and adjust as needed.
  • Systematic Error Checks and Repairs: After addressing the short to ground, perform systematic error checks and repairs on the CAN bus to ensure all parts are functioning correctly.
  • Reset and Test Systems: Reset all affected systems following the repair and test thoroughly to verify that the voltage levels are stable and within normal operating range.


Maintaining stable voltage levels in the CAN bus is crucial for ensuring effective communication and reliable operation of vehicle control systems. Regular electrical inspections are recommended to avoid such issues.

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