CSC 520870.13 – Calibration Errors in Control Software. John Deere System Advisory.

CSC 520870.13 (CSC )

Code: 520870.13



This error code, CSC 520870.13, indicates that some configuration data within the calibration of the control software are incorrect or corrupted. This issue affects the accuracy and performance of the CSC system, potentially leading to operational inefficiencies or malfunctions.


The control software restricts its functionality or may not function at all, aiming to prevent erroneous operations based on incorrect calibration data.


  • Review and Correct Calibration Data: Examine the calibration settings and correct any inaccuracies or errors found in the configuration data.
  • Re-calibrate CSC System: Perform a full recalibration of the CSC system to ensure all settings and data align with operational requirements.
  • Software Updates and Diagnostics: Update the control software to the latest version and run diagnostic tests to ensure all parameters are set correctly.
  • Reset and Verify System Operation: Reset the CSC system following recalibration and verify that all functions are operating correctly with the new settings.


Accuracy in calibration is critical for the optimal performance of control systems. Routine calibration checks and adjustments are recommended to maintain system integrity and functionality.

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