CSC 520870.02 – EEPROM Read Error in Control Software. John Deere System Advisory.

CSC 520870.02 (CSC )

Code: 520870.02



Error code CSC 520870.02 is associated with a fault during the reading process of the internal EEPROM module within the Cab Suspension Control Unit (CSC). This error typically points to a calibration fault or a failure in the configuration memory, which can critically affect the performance and functionality of the CSC system.


The control software may exhibit limited functionality or completely cease operation as a protective measure against potential misconfigurations and to prevent operational hazards.


  • Inspect and Test EEPROM: Check the EEPROM for faults and test its functionality to ensure data can be read correctly.
  • Calibrate CSC System: Re-calibrate the CSC system to correct any discrepancies in the configuration data stored in the EEPROM.
  • Replace Faulty Memory Components: If the EEPROM is found to be defective, replace it to restore proper functionality.
  • System Resets and Comprehensive Testing: After addressing the issue, reset the system and conduct comprehensive testing to ensure that the EEPROM and CSC are functioning as intended.


Regular checks and maintenance of internal memory components are crucial to ensure that control systems operate reliably and store configuration data securely.

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