CSC 520871.13 – EEPROM Reading Error with Operator Preference Data. John Deere System Advisory.

CSC 520871.13 (CSC )

Code: 520871.13



Error code CSC 520871.13 indicates an internal fault within the Cab Suspension Control Unit (CSC) when attempting to read the EEPROM. The CSC detects that one or more values of the operator preference data are out of range, resulting in the system defaulting to pre-set values. Operators should verify their settings via the suspension screen on the CommandCenter™ to ensure they align with their preferences.


The CSC control software operates with limited functionality or may not function at all, defaulting to basic settings to safeguard against erratic behavior based on incorrect preferences.


  • Check and Reset Preference Settings: Review the settings on the CommandCenter™ and adjust them as necessary to reflect the correct preferences.
  • Inspect and Repair EEPROM: Evaluate the EEPROM for errors or damage that might cause data misreads and correct these issues.
  • Update Software and Restore Defaults: Ensure the latest software is installed and perform a factory reset if necessary to clear corrupted data.
  • System Testing and Verification: After corrections, perform a complete system check to ensure that all settings are correctly implemented and functioning.


It is crucial to regularly verify the integrity of stored preference data to maintain the intended functionality and customization of the machinery.

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