CSC 520892.02 – Configuration Data Error in EEPROM. John Deere System Advisory.

CSC 520892.02 (CSC )

Code: 520892.02



CSC 520892.02 arises from an error in reading the EEPROM’s configuration data within the control software, leading to incorrect values that necessitate a revert to default settings. This may result in reduced performance as the system cannot utilize custom configurations tailored to specific operational needs.


The control software limits functionality or shuts down to prevent operation under potentially flawed configuration settings.


  • Diagnose EEPROM Issues: Conduct diagnostics to identify and rectify faults within the EEPROM that lead to incorrect data readings.
  • Restore Configuration Data: Re-enter or restore the correct configuration data and ensure it aligns with operational requirements.
  • Update and Test Control Software: Apply updates to the control software and perform thorough testing to confirm that the correct configurations are active.
  • System Resets and Operational Checks: Reset the system to apply changes fully and conduct operational checks to validate performance levels.


Proper configuration is essential for optimal performance, making it important to maintain accurate data within the system’s memory.

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