CSC 522457.19 – Transmission Output Speed Error in CAN Bus Communication. John Deere System Advisory.

CSC 522457.19 (CSC )

Code: 522457.19



Error code CSC 522457.19 is generated when the control software detects that the transmission output speed cannot be determined or provided on the CAN bus by the PTA control software and the PLC control software. This condition results in the transmission of a replacement value, leading to this diagnostic trouble code. The error indicates that the correct output speed data is not being communicated, which could impact the coordination between various control systems.


This code is primarily informational, indicating that the control software has limited or no function due to the inability to determine the transmission output speed accurately.


  • Diagnose PTI, PTP, or PTQ Codes: Since this code is informational, prioritize diagnosing and resolving any related diagnostic trouble codes from the PTA, PTP, or PTQ control software, as they take precedence.
  • Inspect CAN Bus Communication: Check the CAN bus network for issues that might be causing disruptions in the communication of transmission speed data. Repair any identified faults.
  • Update and Verify Software Configuration: Ensure all relevant control software is updated and correctly configured to communicate transmission speed data over the CAN bus.
  • Perform System Checks: Conduct thorough checks and tests on the PTA and PLC control systems to ensure they are functioning correctly and providing accurate speed data.
  • Monitor Transmission Functionality: After resolving related issues, monitor the transmission system’s functionality to ensure the output speed is correctly determined and communicated.


Accurate communication of transmission output speed is critical for the coordination of control systems in the vehicle. Regular diagnostics and prompt resolution of communication errors help maintain the reliability and efficiency of the vehicle’s operations.

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