CSC 522763.19 – Left Hand Reverser Lever Position Fault. John Deere System Advisory.

CSC 522763.19 (CSC )

Code: 522763.19



Error code CSC 522763.19 indicates a fault in the signal transmission from the left hand reverser lever. This lever is crucial for controlling the direction of the vehicle, and a faulty signal can impair the operation and safety of the machine.


The control software may operate with limited functionality or may not function at all to prevent incorrect directional commands.


  • Inspect Reverser Lever Connections: Check the wiring and connections from the left hand reverser lever for any signs of damage, wear, or disconnection.
  • Test Signal Integrity: Use diagnostic tools to verify the integrity of the signal being transmitted from the reverser lever. Ensure that the signal is consistent and within the expected parameters.
  • Evaluate and Replace Components: If the lever or its associated components are faulty, replace them to restore proper functionality.
  • Software Calibration: Ensure that the control software is properly calibrated to recognize and process signals from the reverser lever.
  • Perform Functional Tests: After repairs, conduct comprehensive tests to confirm that the reverser lever is functioning correctly and that the control software responds appropriately.


Regular maintenance of control levers and their signal transmission paths is essential to ensure safe and reliable operation of the vehicle. Prompt attention to any faults can prevent operational hazards.

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