CSC 524165.19 – Incorrect CAN Bus Message, Clutch. John Deere System Advisory.

CSC 524165.19 (CSC )

Code: 524165.19



Error code CSC 524165.19 indicates that the signal from the clutch potentiometer is incorrect or missing. This issue could be due to a defective wiring harness, a loose wire, or a defective potentiometer. This code is informational, suggesting that other related codes (PTI, PTP, or PTQ) should be diagnosed first.


  • Limited or no function of the control software.


  • Diagnose Related Codes: Prioritize diagnosing any PTI, PTP, or PTQ codes to address underlying issues.
  • Inspect Wiring Harness: Examine the wiring harness connected to the clutch potentiometer for any signs of damage, disconnection, or wear. Repair or replace any faulty wiring.
  • Check for Loose Wires: Ensure all wires connected to the clutch potentiometer are secure and properly connected.
  • Test Clutch Potentiometer: Use diagnostic tools to test the clutch potentiometer and verify that it is functioning correctly. Replace the potentiometer if it is found to be defective.
  • Verify Connector Integrity: Ensure that all connectors are clean, secure, and free from corrosion or damage. Clean or replace connectors if necessary.
  • Update and Calibrate Control Software: Ensure the control software is up-to-date and correctly configured. Perform any necessary calibrations to ensure accurate signal processing.
  • Perform Functional Tests: After repairs, conduct comprehensive tests to confirm that the clutch potentiometer signal is correctly transmitted and received by the control software.


Accurate signals from the clutch potentiometer are essential for proper vehicle operation. Regular inspection and maintenance of the potentiometer and its wiring help ensure reliable performance.

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