CSC 524167.19 – Incorrect CAN Bus Message, Transmission. John Deere System Advisory.

CSC 524167.19 (CSC )

Code: 524167.19



Error code CSC 524167.19 is triggered when there is a discrepancy between the actual and commanded transmission speeds. This indicates a communication or control issue within the transmission system that can lead to improper operation.


  • Limited or no function of the control software.


  • Inspect Transmission Control Units: Check the transmission control units (TCU) for any faults or malfunctions that could cause discrepancies between actual and commanded speeds.
  • Examine CAN Bus Communication: Verify the integrity of the CAN bus communication between the transmission control units and the control software. Look for any signs of interference, disconnections, or faults in the wiring.
  • Check and Test Transmission Sensors: Ensure that all sensors involved in monitoring and controlling the transmission speeds are functioning correctly. Replace any faulty sensors.
  • Verify Software Configuration: Ensure that the control software is correctly configured to match the transmission specifications and operating parameters.
  • Update Firmware and Software: Apply the latest updates to the transmission control units and control software to ensure compatibility and correct any known issues.
  • Conduct System Calibration: Perform a full calibration of the transmission system to align the actual and commanded speeds accurately.
  • Perform Diagnostic Tests: After addressing any issues, conduct thorough diagnostic tests to ensure that the transmission system operates correctly and that actual speeds match commanded speeds.


Ensuring that actual and commanded transmission speeds align is critical for the smooth and efficient operation of the vehicle. Regular maintenance, software updates, and prompt resolution of any discrepancies help maintain system reliability and performance.

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